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About Cameron

Cameron entered the flowmeter business when it acquired NuFlo Technologies in May 2005.  NuFlo Measurement Systems was established in 2003 as the result of the acquisition of three companies:

·    Barton Instrument Systems

·    Halliburton Measurement Systems

·    PMC Global Industries

NuFlo began as a wholly owned venture of SCF Partners of Houston, Texas, a private equity firm with a focus on investing in companies in the oilfield service sector. NuFlo’s initial product portfolio included the primary products of each merged entity including: chart recorders and differential pressure switches and indicators, turbines, totalizers and positive displacement meters, samples, relief valves, and flow computers.

In August 2004, NuFlo expanded by acquiring North Star Flow Products and a small Specialty Products division of Barber Engineering and Controls Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Products acquired included orifice fittings and meter runs, specialty parts, and orifice plates.  North Star and Specialty Products were transitioned to the NuFlo brand name in the US, while in Canada the North Star brand name is being retained.

NuFlo markets a differential pressure based Cone Flowmeter that is competitive with McCrometer’s V-Cone flowmeter.  This product was launched in 2006.  Like McCrometer’s V-Cone meter, it is designed to measure flow in tight spaces where upstream pipe flow is limited.

In January 2007, the entire NuFlo organization, including the Caldon operation, was renamed Cameron.  Also in 2007, Cameron moved its Caldon operations to a new 65,000 square foot Ultrasonics Technology Center just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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